27.01.05: School Disco

In the evening of January 27th a lot of RSL pupils went to the school disco. 

This year’s motto was ‘From the 60’s till now’. At 6 o’clock the party got started and pupils and teachers danced and had a lot of fun! Some teachers had dressed up and their ‘style’ was very funny. There was floral decoration everywhere in the forum and in the entrance hall. Some form 10 pupils were part of the security staff and they think they annoyed a lot of people! Other people think that they were great! They had to search the visitors for alcoholic drinks and drugs. Also, in the entrance hall you could buy drinks and hot dogs.

In the beginning there were only few visitors but in the end it was packed! Malte was the DJ like every year. The music was loud and good. When the pupils didn’t like the music they spoke to the DJ and asked him to play one of their favourite songs. Sometimes they were lucky and he did.

Later, some pupils’ feet ached a lot because they had danced all the time. One young boy breakdanced in front of all pupils. He was very good and smiled happily when all the spectators clapped at his performance. 

The disco ended at 10 o’clock, but not for everybody: Some stayed until 11 o’clock because they cleaned up everything after the last visitors had gone. 

It was a great day for everybody!